Conventions :  (en)=ensembles  (p)=piano (ps)=psychodelic (ex)=experimentals (cl)=classical (s)=synthedit (sa)=sampling
List is starting from newest, newest works might be added months later because of preparing covers for sales production. Some records will be added
because they are still on old tapes, but need to be transfered into 16bit 44,100KHz form. Some tapes are lost, so it is not a complete list here ...

     When the desaster of FUKUSHIMA happend :  (piano)  "FRIENDS IN DISTANCE" 

    "A modern Letter"                     June2010  (p)

    "Wait for You..."                         May2010 (p)

    "Scenes from Bejond"                Feb 2010 (en)  

    "Piano of"                        Dec2009  (p)

    "Piano of"                        Dec2009  (p)

    "Piano of"                        Dec2009  (p)

    "Views into homes"                     Feb2009 (p)

     "Where have You gone?"            Aug2008 (p)

    "Inconsequent behavior"           March2008 (p)

     "Piano of Jan"                      Jan2008 (p)

     "Three saxes"                            Nov2007 (s)

     "Rest & Run"                             Okt2007 (en)

     "Between light"                        June2007  (en)

     "The dream of a handy"              Dec2006  (s)

     "Long return from nowhere"        May2006 (en)

     "Evidence"                                 Apr2006 (p)    

     "Travelboot                             March2006 (ps)

     "Construction site"                     July2005 (s)

     "Blue window"                           May2005 (p)

     "Land of dreams"                      May2005 (p)

     "Pelikan"                                 Dec2004 (ps)

     "Diverence"                                Apr2003(ps)

     "Jazzwork"                                    2003 (en)

     "A virtuell requiem"                    Jan2003(cl)

     "Meditarian breath"                        2003 (ps)

     "Matrix"                                        2002 (ps)

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