Ralph A. Cronin's SYMPHONY No.1
( Autumn in the valley )

( 58:42 min )

CD-Audio (12.00$)


synthesizer ensemble
25 Feb. 2010 Ralph A. Cronin
1. Reach out
2. Here and there
3. Can be everywhere
4. Road to the river
5. Steamless rose

CD-Audio (12.00$)


Ralph A. Cronin ( piano )

... in respect of Fokushima
recorded March 2011 with YAMAHA A4000

Where it came from

CD-Audio (12.00$)

Spraed to some musicians before as a background without
the leading synth voice here which is from a YAMAHA S03

Land of Dreams (piano) Ralph A. Cronin


PANDS ( Ralph A. Cronin ) piano and strings
(42:13) August 2011



" A MODERN LETTER " ( piano )

Ralph A. Cronin's contemporary Jazz music
Get the 63 minutes CD-R

The "A MODERN LETTER" piano was created with computer sequencing
variations. I played just a few pattern lines and did use
SEM Moduls to create this type of music. For creating the last
notes of it I used FruityLoops.

IMPRESSUM : Ralph A. Cronin 72072 Tübingen BW GERMANY
USt-IdNr.: DE 71938428058 for more details ask: softpyle@gmail.com

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